Raspberries & Cream & Happiness

by Isa

Every summer needs some basic classy sandals that you can throw on with any outfit before running out the door (so as to avoid ruining outfits with crappy flip flops! Ultimately, however, if you do your summer right they should end up looking at least almost as crappy as those flip flops) and these are definitely my 2013 pair. I've had them on my wishlist for weeks (last summer's sandals already fell apart) and finally my bestest boyfriend ever decided to surprise me with them. He failed (I wasn't surprised). But I am certainly happy!

TOP Soprano from Nordstrom (similar here) |
 CAPRIS A&F (old) | PURSE & JEWELRY various ferias |

It's hard, sometimes, to stay happy when the future seems so empty and uncertain and grim and you can't even really spare any yoga classes out of your meager and shrinking budget. But there are always the things and, more so, the people that will make your present worthwhile. I read a poem last week whose last line has really stuck with me - "Hay ayeres y mañanas pero no hay hoyes,"* which means "there are yesterdays and tomorrows but there are not todays." I think I'm making it my motto. What's yours?

*From the poem Conjugaciones by Mario Benedetti.
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