Red White & Blue

by Isa

I know it's not the 4th of July yet, but let's just say I got my patriotic outfit shoot out of the way early because I'm on top of things like that.

 PURSE Patricia Nash (similar here) | BEADS Guaraní |

I'm just going to go ahead and say I'm crazy about these shorts - they're like the fashionable version of your grandpa's boxers. (And they're on crazy sale, if you love them too!) Which seems especially fitting, right, since theirs was the all-American generation. But anyways, they're comfy, stylish, and you can shove them down and wear them as a skirt! But a skirt that WON'T flash the whole world the oh-god-so-much-less-fashionable version of your granny's panties you might happen to be wearing if you haven't done your laundry in a while when you're on a bike or in a chair or basically anywhere your thighs might endeavor to position themselves parallel to the ground. It's a win-win for the modern remake of that adorable V-Day swoop-kiss photo*, if you can manage to finagle your boyfriend into a sailor hat for the day.

*It should also be clarified that this photo is not actually that adorable, considering that the sailor in the photo drunkenly shoved himself upon the girl, who had little time to give her consent.
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